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My computer is fixed! Sorry for the delay!
Hey everyone. My computer decided it doesn't want to turn on today, and I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to fix this, so I might be MIA for a while. If I owe you replies or I left you hanging on skype, sorry for the delay!

Saeko: Room mates, huh? The idea simply burned Saeko to the very core. It sounded awful having to live not only with one person, but five? The poor boy was going to either kill someone or shrivel up and die himself. Lucky enough, he was the first one, and had already made himself comfortable. Claiming the prime spot, a bed that had been neatly made and placed on the side and away from everyone. It was secluded and nice, and if all went well, he would only sleep in the small place they shared, and not even eat.

Speaking of food…

His stomach gave a loud growl, and he nearly doubled over in pain. Hunger always got to the bunny's core, even more so than getting hit and stabbed did. The hunger pains, no matter how light they were, always shook him, reminded him that there was a time when he couldn't fight well enough and had to eat out of garbage cans to survive. It was a brief time, as he learned to use those large fists of his quickly and efficiently, but it was still awful. Quickly diving into his backpack, Saeko yanked out a bag of something no better than garbage: a bag of potato chips. He loved them, but the apathetic look that was painted on his face didn't show it though, and he plopped on the bed, shedding his cropped jacket with ease and laying back, ruffling the once crisp sheets in the process.

The door opened and he turned to it out of instinct, his ears pricked even though they were tied back like a ponytail. Deeming the one visiting him not a female nor a child, Saeko turned back to his business that was his food. The boy was a black hole, and he pulled another snack from his back pack, this time being toaster pastries. Yanking one out with his mouth and chewing it as it hung between his lips. "Is there something you need?"

He had only been in the room for an hour, and he had made a mess already. His jacket wasn't hung, and his shoes were still on his feet. The bandages on his hand, bloodied and torn, had been haphazardly placed into the waste bin and his backpack was simply dropped. He even looked messy with his shirt riding up and showing his well sculpted abs and his hair everywhere, as he hadn't brushed it yet that day. His roommate would have an wonderful time living with the boxer.


Kiarel: The prospect of having to share a room with 5 other people hadn't particularly delighted him either. He liked having his private space, living in a single room with a single bed - maybe share it sometimes with a woman or two but never for too long, and never would he have called such a place his home. But there he was now, standing in the door that led into his dwelling-to-be and still stared with slightly parted lips at the furry creature that had settled in its very own heap of dirt and was consuming whatever more or less edible substance might be found in the depths of its tattered rucksack. How very peculiar, that his first ever roommate should be the very opposite of what he might have considered a bearable individual to live with. But then, that's how it always was with roommates, he supposed. Of course, there had been Finch - not a lot more tidy to begin with, but Kiarel loved the little bunny, and would have accepted living even in a rubbish heap, if it meant he could be with him. But this man-- Kiarel was lacking words even in his mind to describe...this. Black all over, worn out clothes, soiled bandages, and hairy. He wasn't even sure whether the subtle reek of sweat was entirely imaginary. Why had he decided to live here again? - Oh yes, Finch. He dearly hoped there wouldn't be any further trouble assigning them to the same room, at least.

"'Is there something you need?" The other man's slightly muffled voice cut through his thoughts. He hadn't even realized he had been staring. "" He blinked, breaking the still mask that had been his face. " - Yes actually, a bed, I suppose." Though certainly not one anywhere near this individual. Kiarel didn't mind the messes of others, as long as they kept them to themselves. And the further away his own bed was, the less likely it would be to have to share the other's crisps. He spied one in a lovely corner - not exactly private but at least there would be disturbance only from two sides - and migrated rather involuntarily to his new sleeping place. Plopped down on it, and noted that at least the softness was all right. "So... looks like we're going to be roommates then."


Saeko: Ever the talkative bunny, Saeko gave a soft humph and turned on his side and away from the new guy. "Yup," he answered simply, stretching his arms out slightly as he did. His hand roughtly plucked the pastry from his lips as he chewed, sitting in a tentative silence between the two. Saeko glanced over occasionally, watching the other as he did his own thing, not saying anything to him as he did.

Though they were about the same height, Saeko being just an inch taller, there was a world of difference between the two males. His roomie was long and thin, unlike his body that was well worn from constant fighting. He had a certain curve to his jaw that made him more graceful and regal, unlike Saeko’s own strong, sharp jaw line and cheekbones. They were such polar opposites that he concluded whoever put them as roommates had a sick sense of humor. Nothing in the world would make those two get along.

Saeko mind was never on his messy habits. He wasn't a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination. He had never developed neat habits when he had to worry more about than being sanitary: food for his siblings, making money to keep the others healthy and happy, prepping for a child…Besides...There was always some sort of woman in his life, whether it was his mother or his wife. The short time he lived by himself hadn’t been enough time for him to develop habits. He remembered that Annabelle had often chided him for passing bad habits down to their son.

The man was staring off at his hand, specifically the ring that was perched on his pinkie. The gold of the band glinting in the artificial light as he rotated his hand to look at it at all angles. His expression that had been neutral had slowly switched to something dark and brooding as he dwelled in the past. When the silent roaring of his own thoughts became too much, he abruptly stood, tossed his bag to the side and made his way to the bathroom nearest him. He roughly turned on the faucet of the simple sink and filled his hands with water before splashing it on his face in an attempt to temporarily clear him of his thoughts. He wiped his freckled face with his sleeve, his shirt and wedding bands soaking wet as he glanced back with his usual impassive expression back on his face.

"...What's your name...?" he questioned lowly. They wouldn't get along, but he should at least know what his name was when they fought.


Kiarel: During the silence that had followed his meager attempt at making conversation, Kiarel had gathered that his new roommate wasn't particularly interested in making acquaintance. So he had fallen silent as well, and zoned out as he unpacked the few things there were to unpack. Clothes, laptop, a book, cosmetics. Most of them he just rearranged in his small suitcase, to take out at his convenience. There wasn't much space in the little room anyway... and the suitcase could be locked. He didn't mind the provisional nature of his new habitat, Kiarel wasn't very demanding with his needs, for a time he had practically lived on the street after all. What he would miss though was his privacy, the time he had spent alone with Finch, and... his cat. Sweet little Alley, now it was back on the streets for her, but he would still visit her every day, of course. To bring her food and brush her fur and make sure she was healthy, and pet and play with his little darling as much as time allowed.

When the other person in the room suddenly stood up and sprung from almost forgotten short-term memory to having a presence in his mind again, Kiarel was kicked back into reality. No velvety soft cat paws, in fact he felt strangely reminded of a dog when watching the other man, despite the rabbit ears. Even his voice sounded like a gnarl. It took Kiarel a few moments to realise that it was him that had been addressed, and then another to recall the question. "Kiarel", he stated neutrally, and tilted his head. Was it imagination or had that sounded more like a threat than as though the other was actually interested in his identity? "How about you?"


Saeko: “Saeko…” he replied loud enough for him to hear, his freckled hand reaching out and grabbing a towel and tossing it on his head before rubbing messily, water dripping down his pinkish lips and onto the ground. After deeming his hair dry enough, he yanked the towel off, revealing his charcoal locks even messier than before. Cowlicks flipped every which way, and his already fluffy locks were everywhere. He rarely brushed his dark mane, but when he did..Saeko gingerly stroked his locks as he remembered the pain.

He gave a yawn and both of his long arms rose up in the air as he stretched slowly to work out the knots in his back as he peeked over at Kiarel once more out of curiosity, but his belly grumbled again. His remarkably fast metabolism and overall gluttony had forgotten that he had eaten minutes prior. Saeko growled lowly out of annoyance, as if to intimidate the grumbling in his gut. The pain of hunger was the pain he could least tolerate. He passed by the chair his jacket was slung over and grabbed the article of clothing roughly. “I’m getting some food…” He said lowly as he left. He slung his jacket over his shoulder, causing the fur rimmed collar to flutter with the motion.

His hunger motivated him to move quickly as he following his memory and his nose to the kitchen. BJBB was like a damn labyrinth to the newcomer, but he only got lost once on the way.

He opened a door to the kitchen: It was relatively clean and well maintained considering how many bunnies went through it on a daily basis. With a sigh, he placed his jacket on the counter and walked to the fridge, his boots thumping on the tile as he did. Pancakes…yes Pancakes sounded wonderful.

With a soft hum, he reached in and got the necessary ingredients: flour, milk, syrup and…eggs? Flavoring? He grabbed whatever else it was that went in pancakes and put it haphazardly in a metal bowl and mixed it all together. He seemed to be doing well enough (despite the strange color and shell pieces in the mixture). However, when he got the pan and the spatula and poured the batter in, he realized he forgot one thing… The pan had to be greased…Well shit. Saeko gave a sigh and continued on regardless. The first one was always a sacrifice to the greater good anyway. The hungry bunny continued on with his cooking..

And that was how he came to a familiar position. His purple eyes focused on the plate of…something. It was god awful lookingiit was simultaneously burnt in some places, yet undercooked in others. The white batter had mixed with the burnt bits and turned it into a gray mass. It looked as if it should be labeled with a hazardous material sticker. The bunnies that were interested in poison would have been very interested in the meal.

He stared, hoping perhaps if he looked at it long enough that it would poof into a pile of golden goodness. There was no such luck for the bun, and with a sigh, Saeko flipped open the top of the syrup bottle with his worn thumb and turned it upside down. He’d need a lot more than the serving suggestion.

He pursed his lips and held up his fork with a deep breath. “…You cook it, you eat it…” The Native American whined lowly as he stabbed it and shoved it in his mouth before his mind could could stop him. His nose wrinkled up in disgust and he slammed his hand on the table in a weak attempt to take his mind off the taste. The pain of the impact did nothing to ease the taste of his food, and he still had a long way to go.


Kiarel: "Right", Kiarel said, rather to himself, after the man apparently called 'Saeko' had left the room. What a jolly fellow. With a rather more Japanese name than his looks would have told, and a good deal more feminine at that, but what business was that of his. The man was unlikely to become his next best friend, but it seemed like he was at least not going to be much of a bother either, and that really was all Kiarel was concerned with.

Being done with his suitcase, he just sat on his bed for a few minutes, wondering what was going to happen next. But there really wasn't much to wait for, was there? He would continue with his research as before, just that he'd have to work on his bed from now on, and make sure to always store his laptop securely. Finch was still going to live with him, they'd even share a room now. A few others too, if they were any interesting Kiarel wouldn't mind talking to them now and then either. Really, it wasn't like moving here had been some sort of life changing event... Just somehow, it felt like it should have been.

His back against the wall, feet dangling loosely from the uncornered side of the bed, Kiarel stared blankly at the ceiling. Finch still hadn't arrived. Perhaps he should check on him? There really wasn't much that could have gone wrong, but somehow the little bunny always managed to get into trouble, no matter where he was. He had almost dialed the number when he caught the scent of something burned - mild at first, but quickly gaining in intensity, and sliding his phone back into his pocked he jumped up and hurried to its source to make sure the headquarters weren't burning down.

The smell led him across the hallways and into the kitchen, a likely place for a fire to start spreading too, if he thought about it - which currently he didn't because as soon as he'd opened the door a horrible stench had invaded his nostrils, and something much worse than a fire was about to be consumed by his new roommate. "Good God no, don't eat that!" Not two seconds later he had whipped it away from hungry Sae.


Saeko: One second it was there, staring him angrily with its gray, mucky eyes, and the next, it was gone, whisked out of his vision by one pale hand. Someone had taken his food, a poor excuse for a meal, but it still was a major offense in his mind. He shot up onto his feet, his lavender eyes narrowed dangerously and his lips drawn into a thin line of distaste. His roommate, had joined him again, and while that may have not bothered him, he had touched his food.

He touched his food. It was not a drill. His roommate touched his food.

“Do you mind?” He lowly growled, trying to contain his irritation, though it was poor at best. “I cooked it, and I have the intention to eat it.” His nose twitched slightly, and the slight crinkle of his freckled skin showed his reluctance that was shrouded by his reluctance and poor childhood memories. “It just…needs some more syrup. “ It needed a lot more than syrup; it needed to find a new home in the garbage can or the fire place.

“Waste not want not, you know? This stuff is pretty pricey.” He held out his hand, waiting for the other to put the plate back in his possession. His patience was steadily wearing thin. “Unless you feel like eating it? I can make more for myself.”  There was a hint of sarcasm in his deep voice, and his lips quirked up just for a second before falling down. His lightly marred face rarely showed any emotion outside of anger, so the slight amusement was a bit of a rare occurrence.

This boy, not much older than him if at all, was strange. Others rarely with Saeko and his resting bitch face, much less his meals. If he hadn’t met Kiarel just a few minutes ago, then it would have gone downhill much more rapidly. Fighting for what he wanted was just a natural instinct, and perhaps if the other wasn’t so feminine…Yeah that must have been it. He had a softer face for sure, and was lean and willowy unlike all the other males he caught sight of that day. At least, that was how Saeko convinced himself not to reach out and beat him, but there was a certain underlying mystery. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but this male…he was definitely going to be problematic; perhaps not in the near future, but one day. Maybe it was just his bias speaking.



Kiarel: What, seriously? His eyes narrowed, staring incredulously at Saeko. "That body of yours looks like it's doing you good service, giving it a poisoning is a rather poor way of saying thank you, don't you think?"

For a second, Kiarel considered the outstretched palm, then he looked up at the male, unimpressed. "You're not eating that." Coal with syrup. No one was going to eat that, not even the flies. By then, the smell was beginning to make him nauseous. So without further ado and without as much as a hint of reluctance given the threatening presence of his roommate, Kiarel quickly moved away from Saeko, and to the bin. Opened it, threw the dish complete with plate inside, and slammed shut the lid - followed by an urgh of disgust.


Saeko: Oh this guy did not know who he was messing with. The nerve he had just to…Saeko just didn’t know what to do with him. Should he kill him quickly or slowly? Should he string him up and kick him off a cliff or merely beat him with a frying pan? Perhaps he should force feed him the food he was so vehemently against-

Instead, the bunny gave an irritated sigh and buried his freckled nose into his hands. “Okay look. I’m just hungry. I don’t really care what I eat, and believe me when I say I’ve had worse. Just let me make something.” He rudely stepped past him and towards another area of the kitchen, trying to find something that wouldn’t make his roommate toss his food again.

He was just determined to make himself something hot to eat. With the power in his hands, nothing could stop him. He just needed to make it a little simpler…A can of soup? Yeah, that sounded lovely, and easy. His bandaged hand opened the cabinet and picked one of the various cans without looking at the label. Whatever it was had its fate sealed already. Saeko would eat that can of whatever.

Sadly, his efforts were still in vain. He didn’t bother reading the instructions as he put the contents of the can, some sort of broth filled chicken soup, into the pot that was waiting open mouthed. Within moments however, the soup, a liquid, had caught on fire inside of the metal pot. The sudden reason seemed to not phase the bunny as he just clamped the lid over the flames and waited for it to heat up as he blatantly ignored Kiarel, not wanting to speak with anyone on an empty stomach.


Kiarel: About to say something in response, the male was rudely interrupted by being shoved to the side so the other could get at his new cooking utensils. Doubtfully, he watched as the other man combined the contents of a can with pot and stove, though how he had managed it to set that mixture aflame was beyond the red head. "Look, Saeko- was it? It's called food because it's meant to nourish you, if you burn everything inside it, you might as well eat the frying pan." A moment and an unwelcome thought later, he added, for good measure, "Don't eat the frying pan." But that probably wouldn't have been the other's intention anyway. ... Maybe. Kiarel sighed. "Just... sit down. I'll make you something."


Saeko: His anger built with every word that came out of his mouth. Could the dumb creature not take a hint? One more stupid move and… He reached for a nearby salt shaker and held it firmly in his strong grip, half thinking of throwing it at the red head but trying his hardest not to lose his temper quite yet. Though he was quick to throw a punch, he had no urge to fight at the second, though that could be easily changed… perhaps… The salt shaker was lifted in the air and tossed up experimentally before Saeko heard an irresistible offer.

His whole expression lightened up and he stared at the other, his eyes curiously round for him and his lips in a neutral pout. He would actually cook for him? That sounded wonderful. No one had cooked for him since Annabelle. Each muscle loosened up and he placed the seasoning down and turned to his newfound friend.

“Alright. You can do that, but poison it and I’ll be a little… hostile.” His voice rang with an underlying excitement. What would he make? Would it be good? Bad? Worse than his? Probably not worse than his.


Kiarel: 'If I were to poison it, you would be dead', rang his thoughts. No, not a good thing to say. 'If I wanted you poisoned, I'd just have to wait for you to do it yourself.' ... Better, but maybe still not quite the best way to begin a friendship. Not that that was what he wanted, God forbid, but they were getting along so splendidly - his face was still intact, after all - why spoil it with honesty? So he just shrugged, and turned to the kitchen counter. "I won't poison it." And anyway, even if he did wish his roommate harm, before doing anything he would have win his trust first, or else where would be the fun in that? ... Heavens, he had to stop thinking about poisoning people.

Blankly, he stared at the mess in front of him. ... Lunch, yes. What was he going to make? He'd never been in this kitchen before, and consequently had no idea where to find anything. Flour, eggs and milk were stuffed into a corner. Might as well use those. "What were you trying to make anyway?" asked Kiarel as he washed up the dirty dishes to use them himself. The frying pan he only eyed with obvious distaste, wrinkled his nose and pushed it aside with as little skin-contact to the utensil as necessary, and found himself another one from the cabinet below. "Pancakes?" That would at least explain the syrup. The few ingredients on the counter would make about the plainest dough possible, but it would work nonetheless. After a bit of searching, he'd found sugar, salt, butter and baking soda as well, and mixed them inside the large plastic bowl he had just cleaned. He made more batter than he usually would have, even for Finch, as he had a feeling this guy was a hearty eater.


Saeko: Saeko had an eye plastered onto Kiarel’s form as he drifted around the kitchen with ease. His movements were smoother and more confident that Saeko’s own clumsy motions as he grabbed onto the boxes of flour and the carton of milk that the young man had been struggling to measure properly earlier. Kiarel measured his ingredients accurately and quickly, though he seemed to be making a large portion of it. Was it all for the taller, tanner one of the two, or was the other bunny going to join him? The food better be all for Saeko since the latter had already interrupted two of his failed meals.

The bunny inched closer to the stove as the other set a pan down and sprayed it with cooking oil. With a soft snap and a turn of the dial, the light below the pan burst to life and took the lavender eyed lad off guard, causing his orbs to widen in wonder. Cooking was such a convenient skill to have; it was a shame he never got to learning properly. Someone was always cooking for him, if there was a stove about. At home, wasting food learning how to cook was a sin punishable by a beating. The large family he came from was never sure when they were going to have a proper dinner again, so every morsel counted.

Saeko watched in fascination and silence, awestruck as he studied just how he poured the batter into the pan, and he memorized how it sizzled away in the oil, browning and bubbling away merrily. It had been so long since he was able to watch, and even though he was a good distance away, flipping it fascinated him. It was like a whole new world that was getting served to him on a clean, lovely plate. It was such a forgotten experience, and reliving it, even with a male at the stove was enough to bring a little spark of happiness to his otherwise lifeless heart.


Kiarel: Away it went, the batter, filling pan after pan and once golden-brown and crispy, was stacked on top of each former piece resting on the plate. Three plates were occupied by pancake stacks when he was done - should be more than enough for anyone, right? Turning off the stove he opened the fridge in search for fruit - and found apples, strawberries, rasberries, kiwi fruit and oranges. He wasn't quite sure what the latter were doing inside the fridge, but what did he care. The berries he took, washed them and sprinkled them on top of one of the pancake stacks. He had a feeling like Saeko might have use of them after cluttering his system with... whatever it was that he called 'food'. This plate he took and placed it on the table. "There you go." So there it was, one beautifully layered stack of fluffy pancakes and fresh berries, just waiting to be drenched in syrup, set in front of his new roommate. Slightly dull for a lunch, but Kiarel could have warmed up frozen Pizza and Saeko would still have stared in awe. "No poison", the bunny added, with a half smile.


Saeko: This was lovely. His lavender eyes stared at the stack in awe, totally amazed at Kiarel’s cooking ability. Never in his wildest dreams could Saeko make something so perfect…And fruits on top of it in all sorts of colors and textures. If they tasted even half as good as they looked, he could die right there and be pleased.

And the fact that it wasn’t poisoned made it even better. Though he somehow doubted a simple poison would kill him. So many years of abuse to his stomach made his stomach impenetrable for the most part.

Without a second thought, he gave a rushed, “thank you,” from his thin lips before he he took the biggest bite he could manage without getting syrup all over the place. Ah yes…They were fantastic, lovely, and refreshing with the fresh addition and he closed his eyes in relaxation as he chewed. A thought occurred to him. It was such a big stack, and while he would have no problem devouring them in record time, he should at least… He pointed one bandaged finger at the stack, his eyes now focused on the chef. “You cooked…Do you want any before I eat them all? You might not have a second chance later, because these are really good.”


Kiarel: "Unexpected courtesy", the prettier of the two smiled - a smile that made him even more so, if you asked him. "But you go on, I'll be eating with a friend of mine once he's here." Finch was way more important to him than just a friend would have been of course, but that was nothing his new roommate would either have nor care to hear, so Kiarel left it there. He leant against the counter he hadn’t used to prepare his ingredients, legs folded, and watched his new roommate eat.

Saeko: Well if you insist…The Native American shoved a huge mouthful into his mouth again, a strawberry on top of the large stack of cooked batter. He was quiet for a minute, just enjoying the sweetness and the fact that his stomach was full. “Your friend…?” He managed to get out between his bites. “The one that’s rooming with us?” Of course, Kiarel didn’t have to answer him, and he wouldn’t push the issue if he chose not to tell. He wouldn’t care much; he just found it impolite to not attempt to hold some sort of conversation with the man who just made him the best food he had in a long, long time.


Kiarel: “Yeah”, he said softly, “Finch.” It was nothing he kept from anyone if asked, but he wasn’t someone to randomly pour his heart out either. If Saeko wanted to know, that was all right with him. He probably didn’t though he suspected, or wouldn’t anymore once he was done with his food, so he might as well take advantage of the opportunity of getting to know his new roommate now. “How about you? Do you have friends here or did you come alone?”

Saeko: His lips pursed for the fraction of a second, his desire to eat temporarily halted by the question. He hadn’t had friends since he lost Anabelle; he barely desired to live, but didn’t want to die. He wandered and wandered, getting money and food where he went, but it could hardly be called living, and was almost bordering on just existing. However, the moment had soon passed as he shoveled another mouthful in. “No...I came here by myself...I didn’t have much, and someone directed me here... It so far hasn’t been the my choice.” He had met a few bunnies around, but not too many of them, and none he had too special of a connection with. With a shrug, he swirled his food in the sweet syrup before popping the last bite in his mouth. Even though the mountain was finished in record time, he had savored every bite; eating quickly was a habit from his childhood that had never quite been broken. Perhaps it was rude, but he couldn’t exactly control it. Starvation had changed him a lot. He reached over for the second helping.


Kiarel: Kiarel hummed, and nodded. Most people here would have lost something at some point, something significant, he was quite sure of that. Lost something, or never had it in the first place. "And who knows", he added to the other's already not-quite-as-pessimistic-as-it-could-have-been statement, "Now that you're here, you might even gain something." He smiled, not quite as soft a smile as the one when he had talked about Finch, but not insincere either. They never were. Not to others anyway. "Are you done with that?", he asked, motioning towards the emptied plate. "Still hungry?"

Saeko: He nodded slowly, his thoughts becoming relatively deep for a few moments. Perhaps he was right, but Saeko wouldn’t hold his breath. His only purpose here was to do as told and kill every human male he could get his hands on. A second later, he snapped out of it and pushed his plate forward. “If you must know something about me, I’ve got a large appetite...But I suppose I’m okay for now, if you want to go.” That large appetite of his helped him; when everyone else only ate until they were merely full, Saeko ate until he was stuffed. He never quite knew when food would become scarce again, and a 3000 calorie meal could hold him over a while.


Kiarel: What was it with that person, Kiarel could have sworn he was going to eat every last scrap of food, or at least be protective of what he'd been given. If burnt batter and burning soup were all he could cook for himself, that would certainly be how Kiarel would treat his food. He made a pft sound, and pushed himself off the counter, to take the dirty dishes to the sink. "I told you I'll eat later, and I'm not letting Finch have pancakes for lunch. These are all yours, freeze and have them later if you like. Still better than crisps for every meal."

Saeko: He cocked his head slightly, one ear flopping to the side under its own weight and forming a 90 degree angle with the other. Saeko was still not used to people him things. He had fought for his whole life, and he knew that there was a lot more fighting to be done, so why give the freckled boy a break now?  However he was not going to turn down a whole lot of food...he’d merely keep them until later, as suggested, though ‘later’ may mean in an hour. “I take what I can get. I’m not exactly talented in the kitchen.” His eyes darted over to the dirtied pots he had touched earlier. “Never have been…”


Kiarel: His eyes followed those of the other bunny, and at the sight of the two now completely black cooking utensils he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. “No… I thought you might not be. But hey you have to eat something right?” Taking Saeko’s plate and cutlery, he added them to the rest of dishes he had used - bowl, whisk pan, not that much to clean. Saeko’s leavings he left where they were, no way he was going to clean those, he was being nice cleaning even these ones, seeing as it had been Saeko who had and would consume the rest of the food. “And I’ve only just convinced you not to hate me, ‘d be a shame to go through that whole procedure again with another one so soon.” If Saeko were to starve. Which, all things considered, was not unlikely, even with access to food.

Saeko: Oh, Kiarel didn’t have an idea just how desperate he had been in his youth. Three day old trash was heaven to him, when he could find it, and expired packaging was just divine. Mold wasn’t too offensive to him. “Yeah…” he said simply as he got up to assist with the dishes. To fix his mess, he’d need his well developed muscles. “Mom always told me that if I cooked it, I got to eat it…” The pancakes weren’t his worst offense; at least they didn’t have meat in them, like he had tried with lasagna.

Saeko slid the rings off his finger and put them in the pocket of his jacket to the side and he set to work, a sponge and soap in one hand, the pan that had much and burnt bits on it in the other. The sound of rough scrubbing filled the air, and his face was set into determination. His dark t-shirt clung to his body loosely, allowing him to move freely and easily than his jacket would have. Saeko couldn’t hate this guy anymore, not after that meal. “What’cha mean by ‘another procedure…?”


Kiarel: "Nevermind." He watched Saeko go about the business of scrubbing his part of the washing-up, oddly fascinated by how serious he seemed to be over so trivial a task, then continued with his own. Luckily there was more than one sink, otherwise he would have had to share the other's black water. "Is that why you don't have much practice with cooking? Because you'd have to eat the results even when they ended up, well... like these?"


Saeko: God damn! These little bits of food were clinging to the pot for dear life, even with the rough scrubbing. After his first istake, Saeko had sprayed the pot with the non-stick-cooking-spray that was flavored like butter so liberally it would have dripped if it was turned on its side, yet he still managed to get food caked on. “More or less,” he grumbled as he took the metal, heavy duty scrubbing wool and set to work. Within the next minute, everything was gone and with a final rinse, it was practically sparkling again. “My siblings didn’t like my cooking much either and would try to gang up on me and beat me up. We didn’t always have food on the table either, so when I tried to cook for my parents and they got something like that, they weren’t very happy with me.”


Kiarel: "Way to raise a child...", he muttered. He had a serious bias against bad parents. But he had never lived in a poor family either, and even in his worst days, he had never gone hungry. "How many siblings did you have?"


Saeko: His answer was quick and casual as he picked up the last bowl in the sink and gave it a scrub. "Ten full siblings last time I checked, probably more now though...Mom and dad didn't know how to keep it in their pants..." All the dishes were cleaned and drying on the side. "I'm the oldest. She had a bun in the oven when I left..." He turned his lavender eyes to Kiarel, about to ask about his own family, but decided against it. A lot of the bunnies here had horrible pasts, and he knew if someone asked about Anabelle and Thomas, he'd be offended.


Kiarel: "Full siblings?" Kiarel was temporarily distracted by the odd wording, before he noticed the number in front of it. "... Ten. That's... a lot." Was it? To him it was anyway. And his new roommate had been the oldest one. In this world that probably meant Saeko had to take responsibility for his siblings' survival from a very young age, rummaging through the gutters and stealing from the more fortunate not unlike Finch had done, just that Finch hadn't had the added pressure of a hungry family to look after then. Or someone to beat him when he messed up. The last plate was added to the dish rack, and Kiarel drained his sink. What was worse, he wondered. Being forced into trying for a goal you could never reach, or not having a goal at all? He thought he might have been happy had there been someone in his life that wouldn't be entirely unaffected were he to disappear. "... Do you miss them?"


Saeko: Did he miss them? He wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. In some ways, yes. It was almost never boring around, and he constantly had something to do. He became a jack of all trades in the attempt to help his siblings. He’d fix their toys, help them with homework (some of which, he didn’t understand himself, but he learned), help them while they were sick...He did everything, almost like a dad. Perhas that helped him when he did become a father for a short amount of time. He bit his lip, trying to nail down an answer as he pondered.

“A bit…” he responded after a few tense moments of silence. He flicked the water on his fingers into the sink before wiping the rest of the liquid off onto his pants. “Not my dad too much though. He was kind of an ass.” To put it lightly.

Takeru wasn’t the most loyal man, or the nicest. He wasn’t really sure how his father got women to like him, but perhaps it was his handsome asian features, some of which Saeko had inherited. He wasn’t around too much, whether he was working, or getting free drinks from a giddy and clueless bartender. Saeko couldn’t remember too much of his parenting around, unless the boy messed up somehow. He wouldn’t beat the boy (most of the time), but the tall man would simply take pleasure in making him pick up more chores around  the house, or more often, take his dinner away (when they had it).

The last time he saw Takeru was the day he left. It was a tense meeting between father and son. Saeko hadn’t told him where he was going, but with a heavy coat on and a backpack on his shoulder, the man guessed where his son was going. Their purple eyes met in a staredown, both gazes colder than the wind that was blowing outside, and Saeko, taller and more muscular than his father even though he hadn’t finished growing.

His father reached a hand out for Saeko, intent on putting it on his shoulder, but the freckled bunny had been so conditioned to the man’s painful touch that he immediately snatched his wrist out of the air in front of him and held it in a taut grip. Somehow, Takeru hadn’t flinched and only kept a level gaze with Saeko. “Are you coming back anytime soon?” Saeko hadn’t responded to him, but only released his grip on his wrist and relinquished his hold. “You know Willow’s birthday is next month…”

“I know…” His heart twisted at the thought of leaving the little ones. How would they fare? “I’ll send her something…” Saeko had saved up his money that he had gotten from fighting and working odd jobs for a long time, and he took Willow out that day. The two had done whatever it was that the girl wished to do, and he made sure to give her everything that he couldn’t take with him. He knew that when she realized he wasn’t coming back home, she’d be devastated. Perhaps when she was older, she’d understand.

And without another word to his father, he left his home behind.

Saeko shook his head to rid himself of those memories and glanced towards Kiarel for a second before returning his hands to his pockets. “I have a few half siblings too. I guess I kind of miss them too.”

Kiarel: “Ah”, Kiarel replied, blankly. "I see." What was one supposed to say to something like that? ‘Yeah man, I know what you mean, same here. Did yours hit you too?’ And how was that for small talk. His father never had, actually, but his mother had, and that was still too close for comfort. He wondered vaguely how high a percentage of BJBB members had suffered some form of abuse from their parents, his guess was somewhere between 90 and 100, of those that hadn't lost their parents anyway. Somehow that didn't make him feel any better. Kiarel dried his hands on the kitchen towel and put it back over its rack to drie, someone else could take care of drying the dishes, most of them were used over and over every day anyway, so stashing them away just so the next person to need them would have to search and take them out again would make little sense. "... Well", he said eventually, after trying to figure out what else there was to say and not coming to any definite conclusion. "I guess the people in this place are going to be your new family now? I don't know." At least that was what Finch seemed to think.

Saeko: New family, huh? Saeko couldn’t say he was excited at that thought. “I suppose the family you make isn’t one that you pick yourself…” He wasn’t particularly fond of any of the rabbits he had met so far...Of course, his encounters had been short and sweet, and none had the time to leave too sour of a note in Saeko’s memory. “We will just have to see how this stay goes; can’t be worse than where I was before.” The pain of the memory of his months of anger after the loss of his wife burned brightly in his memory, but the actual events...He had little recollection of them, as if it was a blur, or more accurately a whirlwind that had blown him into a daze.

With his hunger now absent, Saeko could focus on other things, such as why his roommate was trying to make small talk with him. He didn’t seem like the type first off to care too much about Saeko’s personal life. His gaze rested on the paler man as trying to pick him apart silently. He didn’t want to make another mistake by involving another man, and a tingling at the base of his neck gave him the inclination that this guy would be trouble in the future…

Patience, Saeko. The soft voice at the back of his head made the bunny wrinkle his freckled nose. Patience wasn’t his strong suit, and he didn’t desire to wait and see if his instincts were correct.


Kiarel: "Huh?" Kiarel glanced at the other male, not sure if he'd misunderstood what he had said, or... whether he'd understood at all. He also wasn't sure whether he cared enough to enter into a discussion about it, although objectively speaking he hadn't yet found a reason to despise the other enough to completely ignore his presence, state of his hair and dress excluded. So he shrugged - was that answer enough? He returned to the table, and blankly stared at it, trying to decide whether to sit down and make further conversation, or leave.

There may not have been objective reasons but his inherent reluctance to talk to the other rabbit, but there were plenty of personal ones. One of them being that he didn't like this entire organization, one because it had already begun taking Finch away from him, two because it was completely idiotic to believe that terrorism of any kind would be able to make a lasting change for the better, and Kiarel just couldn't help regarding any BJBB member he encountered with a certain disdain for their beliefs and choices in life, and the desire to keep them as far outside of his own lofe as possible. Another, and this one likely being the main reason, because he would have to live with this person. If telling any lies he would have to keep good track of them or things might become awkward, and Kiarel didn't much take to the idea of sharing the true details of his life either, so his first instinct was to protect it and himself by taking as little notice of outside disturbances as possible. But then he couldn't continue ignoring everyone he came across here either, or his stay was not going to be a very pleasant one. So he turned around, and found his thoughts interrupted by the suspicious looking eyes of his new roommate.


"... What?", Kiarel asked, then shook his head as if to say it didn't matter and continued the conversation as though he hadnt just interrupted it himself. "If you don't like your 'new family', then... well, bad luck I guess." As it was unlikely anyone would ever be allowed to leave again, you didn't just join a cult decided it was nothing for you and simply walked away from it. "At least you'll have a lot of family members to choose from, there's bound to be someone you can tolerate."

Saeko: The man shook his head dismissively and turned his gaze away from Kiarel and towards the door that lead back into the hall. He had had his fill of interaction for the day, if not more. He had a feeling that he would be getting more of Kiarel than he bargined for. Dread for the future curled in his gut, but there was something else there along with it: some lighter emotion that he couldn’t name.

“...Thanks for the food,” he said bluntly, not giving any other words of parting as he maneuvered his massive body seamlessly through the kitchen and towards the exit. There was no need for a farewell; they shared the same room. One of his hands rested against the door frame in the briefest of pauses before the other pushed the door open. The rest of his body soon followed.

With his mind clear, he set off for the nearest fitness and training center in the brigade.

Kiarel: Kiarel stared after his departing roommate, not saying a word. Not appreciating his rudeness, but not quite minding it either, it wasn't as though he was all that keen on conversation himself. Plus, if Saeko didn't care about being polite, that did mean that he couldn't expect Kiarel to be, either. Took the strain out of having to share his bedroom, somewhat.
...And what was he going to do next? Another moment of consideration, and Kiarel left his place as well, to exit the kitchen, and have another look into his room and possibly at the reception.

[BJBB]Hungry Boxer

This is set waaaay back when Saeko and Kiarel first came to BJBB and they were both F-Rank bunnies uvu It took us a while to finish this but 
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Niac's mind was blank as he stares out the window of his apartment and into the twilight sky that danced with vibrant colors just outside his window. A menagerie of purples, oranges, reds and blues drifted between the wispy clouds in a timeless and relaxing way. Soon the fireflies would be out, along with the lovers that so adored to watch the insects with wonder filled gazes. A cool breeze slipped through the small space of the window, carrying with it the promise of cool weather in the future. The movement rustled the boy's golden locks as if it was a friend, but he did not stir from the static position he had been in for hours. Back against the wall as he sat, eyes flicking between all the doors and windows as if he was expecting someone to burst through at any moment and lunge for his throat. If they did, his muscles were bunched and ready to pounce, as they had been for hours. The ghoul was clearly on edge despite the late summer atmosphere being so tranquil. 


His thin lips parted with a soft pop! and he released a breath that he hadn't been aware that he had been holding. The pounding of his heart in his chest seemed to fill the entire room as he became painfully conscious of the dryness in his mouth and just how weak his entire being felt. His fingers grasped the air and curled into a tight fist in a weak attempt to relieve the sudden stress. His knees tucked further into his chest so that the rough cloth of his trousers brushed his chin. Hazel eyes turned to the small backpack that rested on the foot of his bed. White and red porcelain ears poked out of the top, beckoning him silently to come closer. This tongue ran over his teeth and his long, weathered fingers twitched slightly as anxiety and frustration racked his body. He didn't want to give in to his temptation; last time had been...less than graceful.


A dull stab in his gut made him bite his lip a little too hard and draw blood where his canines sunk into the thin flesh. Fat droplets of blood fell onto the baby blue material of his shirt and absorbed into the cloth in seconds. However, the warmth against his pale skin was enough to send him into a frenzy. Niac leaned forward and put his weight onto all four of his limbs before reaching to the backpack and pulling out object inside. A face of a sly, fox-like creature stared back at him, its mouth drawn up into a sly and mocking grin and its eyes narrowed almost as if it was pleased how easily it had influenced its owner. Niac's trembling grip on it made the small golden bells chime like tiny giggles coming from the creature in his hands. The red ribbons caressed the skin on his wrists, reassuring him that his desire to feed was right, that what he was about to was justified and fair. 

With a deep breath, the boy shoved his mask back inside of his bag and sipped it safely inside of it, where no one could see it. He crawled off of his bed and tumbled onto the wooden floor. His ribs collided with the hard, unforgiving surface. He could have sworn there was a crack, but the stabbing in his stomach was the only pain he was concerned with. The rumbling and snarling hunger that gripped his insides with frosty, sharp claws was the only thing on his mind. Niac slowly rose up off the floor, his fingers slowly dragging across the glossy wood surface as if he was hoping something would come stop him. He knew that the decision was final: some were to have a nasty end tonight.

He hobbled his way to the door, his fingers ghosting across the keys that were clipped onto the belt loop of his pants. The five keys jingled together with a pleasant chime before he managed to find the one that belonged to his apartment. The click clack of the lock assured him that the door was securely held, but just in case...He grabbed the knob of the door and wiggled it as if to open the door. It remained firmly in place and he turned away and gradually staggered down the hall with a cumbersome gait until he reached the elevator. One quivering finger pressed the smooth plastic of the button. It lit up with a white fluorescent light and dinged in response as his chariot arrived for him, the golden doors parting to make way for the boy. He hobbled in and pressed his aching back to the cool, metal lattice interior of the wall after selecting the bottom floor. Niac sucked in a deep breath, the air around him only intensifying his hunger.

So many humans had passed through this one little room so many times that their scent still lingered. The woman on floor and apartment 206…she smelled of flowers, specifically the gardenias she often brought up. That wasn’t her only scent though, she also smelled like warm cloves and cinnamon. The older woman that lived with her son on floor 5 had been here recently too. She smelled like the cookies she baked all the time, while her son smelled like cooking oil and warm grease that came from the food he cooked in his restaurant. The occasional cup of hard liquor mingled in with his scent too. A young woman and her two children that lived just two doors down from the ghoul had been there too. The little boy smelled like artificial fruit, like in the chewy gummy snacks he always had, and his sister…She was barely 8 months old. She smelled like milk and faintly of the lavender smell that her mother smelled like…She had exited the elevator and gotten to the safety of her apartment just as Niac exited his apartment. She had surely dodged a bullet; the ghoul was sure that he wouldn’t be able to contain himself long enough to get to the destination in mind.

Niac hadn’t even realized his eyes had fluttered shut as he got lost in his nearly orgasmic thoughts. The cheerful ding of the elevator brought him to his senses and he straightened up and exited, his steps now more even and quick. The middle aged African American woman who manned the front desk (she smelled like the green smoothie she always drank, but the donuts hidden just out of view clued Niac in on her true diet) gave a small wave to the boy. “Got somewhere to go, honey? It’s awfully late.”

He nodded at her and returned the greeting. “I need to go to the grocery…”

“Alright, you be careful now. There are some scary things out there in the dark.”

Little did she know she was speaking to one of the monsters she was terrified of. Nevertheless, Niac gave a small noise of affirmation and pushed through the glass revolving door and into the outside world. He turned his gaze up to the sky to admire the view. The emerging stars would soon bear witness to his crimes.

He brushed past people in the street, his self control wavering dramatically. He had nearly grabbed the arm of a particularly delicious female with the intention of ripping it off with his bear teeth when she had knocked shoulders with him, but the bag she dropped distracted him long enough where he could control his primal instincts. His pale fingers wrapped around the cheap, pink leather of the strap. He mumbled out a quick apology as he returned it. He turned away before his body could change his mind, but his sharp ears caught her chirping out a merry thanks before she too disappeared.

His eyes caught onto the alleyway he was interested in and he ducked into the darkness before anyone could see him. He knew there were no cameras right here…There was at one point, but now it barely hung from its perch above his head, a few wires sticking out and a layer of grime covering it. The owner of the store had said he was going to replace it one day, but that day had not yet come…

In one fluid motion, Niac had reached behind him and yanked out his mask from the bag. He eyed it for a moment, debating whether or not the risk was worth it. A pang in his stomach reminded him that yes…it was worth it. He slipped it over his face and secured it tightly; he couldn’t risk it falling off. With one final breath and a slight adjustment of the work gloves that covered his hands, Niac allowed his Kakugan to emerge. The black and red sliding across his eyes changed his entire being; he was Cain now.

Filled with a new drive, he kicked out one lean leg and slammed the dumpster into the wall, making a thunderous clatter that would be sure to get someone’s attention. Surely enough, the back door opened and a younger boy, perhaps just a year or so younger than the Ghoul, came out to investigate. He had on an apron with the name of the store that Niac didn’t care to read. As soon as the employee was far enough out, Niac’s kagune burst from his back, unable to take the stress of waiting anymore. The tentacle tore through the air like a whip and grabbed the boy before he could scream in terror. The pressure it placed around the youngster’s windpipe seemed to be too much, as tiny blood vessels emerged in his white sclera and his face began to turn purple much quicker than Niac anticipated. His struggle was feeble, though Niac could feel the light tingle of his victim’s nails raking down the damp surface of his kagune just moments before his body went limp and the life left him. Niac released his grip and the boy’s body hit the ground with the muffed thud of an unceremonious death. The ghoul didn’t care as he dropped to his knees before the body and sunk his teeth into whatever was closest to him. He couldn’t even remember.

After a few vigorous mouthfuls of flesh, a giggle drifted though the door to the side and he turned his head towards the sound. There were more…all different types of tastes and textures. The mini-mart was bound to have a few stragglers inside, all that Niac would help himself to. He staggered to his feet and inside the store, his kagune grabbing at anything within reach. They seemed to have a mind of their own as they grasped cleaning supplies, mops, trash bags and boxes before throwing them to the side.

He saw another door, one that lead into the main area where he smelled an abundance of people. His hand, now liberally covered in blood, grasped the door and turned the handle. Everything seemed to go in slow motion for him. One of his tentacles drive right through the middle of the unlucky night clerk and pierced him through his gut. Some of his intestine coiled loosely around his Kagune, almost as if they were streamers. Another tentacle reached across the counter and grasped the woman’s wrist that was checking out and yanked her across the glass screaming. The third and fourth one sent the open register flying into one of the unstable shelves, making it topple over onto one unlucky consumer who just wanted ice cream for his pregnant wife. The last tentacle slithered underneath the counter and pressed the emergency lock for all the doors and created a death trap for everyone. He kicked his leg back once, slamming the door he had just gone through with a violent slam before he turned his gaze on the rest of the store. There were fifteen still alive who stared at him in horror. Underneath his mask, he could feel the muscles of his cheeks curl up in pleasure at their fear as his kagune lifted up the body of the unfortunate cashier up into the air, his intestines like gory streamers now. Blood dribbled down onto his white mask and for just a moment, he felt at peace as the fat droplets crept down the porcelain and rolled onto his skin.

A sharp crack of and pressure on his shoulder made his eyes fly open and turn his attention to the source. A terrified man in his late forties held in his trembling hands the small pistol as a pathetic last line of defense. Niac’s eyes were wide, but not with surprise. His paranoia had been confirmed. These humans wanted him dead. They all wanted him dead.

Silently, Niac had snapped and his eyes were on the targets in the room with him. His Kagune instinctively threw the body of the cashier at the man with the gun, knocking him down and into another shelf that too toppled over. The woman whose arm was being gripped by the crimson tentacles was now face to face with the boy. The grip had become so tight that her wrist had twisted nearly backwards and was beyond broken now. He lifted off the ground by her broken wrist so he could stare directly into her eyes. Tears rolled down her face as she writhed in pain and fear. Neither her screaming nor the screams of his trapped prey bothered him as he slipped his mask up enough so that she could see his lips and jaw that still glistened with the blood of the dead boy outside. A tense moment passed and her cerulean eyes stared at his teeth as she sobbed for help from anyone in the store.

“Look at me.”

She turned her bright gaze to him and they locked eyes once more before Niac bit into the crook of her neck. The rush of the blood in his mouth was warm and comforting to him, and while he groaned in pleasure, she shrieked in pain. The cry rang painfully in his ear and in irritation he tore her flesh from her body and swallowed it without chewing. The spray of blood on his clothing didn’t faze him, but in her last moment, she still fought on. Her pale, quivering hand reached up and placed itself over his mask. Blood had dripped onto her fingers enough so that as her hand fell, it left a smeared trail over half of his mask. He remained still for a moment more as she too crumpled to the floor.

He turned his eyes to the rest of the store and pounced upon them, his kagune grabbing those that his hands could not reach and dragging them to his awaiting mouth. Animalistic screams of terror surrounded him at first, but with each addition to his meal, they quickly quieted down until one last person remained, crying and pleading for him to stop and let her go. She intrigued him.

He stood a few feet away as he watched her curl into the corner of the store and as far away from the blood and death that she could. She seemed modest enough; just a girl in high school that was in a bad place…Her uniform fit her. She seemed to be the academic type, pretty with big glasses and straight hair. She bawled like a babe as her petite hands curled into her chest. Tiny rings glistened with the artificial light from the now bloodied fluorescent bulbs above. He cocked his head in interest. She was prattling on about some sort of test, that prom was coming up soon, that she had just gotten into some prestigious college across the country. She screamed that she would never tell if he just let her live.

He would consider it if he got his fill…

He dropped to the floor by the nearest body and dug, taking as much as he could as fast as he could. The BGC would be there sooner or later. Mouthful after mouthful, he heard the girl’s sobbing in the corner and listened to her spill out anything and everything that could possibly get him to sympathize with her. She was trying anything, anything to live. Niac didn’t trust her words.

Eventually, he rose up, his clothing drenched with sticky, metallic blood. His Kagune had retreated away as he ate so he looked nearly human. He placed his mask back in its proper place and walked towards the girl. She only curled further away from him and continued her blathering. Stopping right in front of her, the massive man loomed over her and waited for her to stop talking. It seemed to take her hours to quiet down, but when she did, she turned her dark gaze up at him meekly. Niac stared, judging to see if she perhaps meant a bit of what she said…He turned away moments later and made for his last meal on the other side of the store.

She watched his retreating form, unsure what to make of his behavior. Good? Bad? Was he letting her go? She trembled more as he knelt down by the last person he had yet to take a bite out of. The only portion of him that was visible was the backs of his bloody shoes. Her eyes darted to the door and back. In his frenzy, the door had been broken open enough for her to slip through and not be followed…If she just made it across…She didn’t think as she got up off the ground. Her legs quaked with the effort, but like a newborn dear she sprinted to the door the best that she could. She just needed to make it there and this nightmare would be over.

She felt something damp wrap around her ankle just as she touched the metal of the door. It yanked, throwing her off her feet and forcing her face into the tile floor. A tooth flew from her lips and clattered across the room and underneath some shelf to be forgotten. Pain erupted from the left side of her face. Her vision swam as her mind rattled from the impact. When she was able to focus again, she was greeted with a very real and very dead face of the woman from earlier that the ghoul had first gotten a hold of. He had taken more than just her jugular. A few fingers were missing along with the shoulder muscles on her left side. He seemed to have also taken the flesh of her cheeks and her tongue as well. Her azure eyes were still there, but they had rolled to the back of her head once they had lost their gleam.

The young girl hadn’t even been able to stay in the same room as her parents when they watched horror movies. This was too much for her. She released a shrill scream that was cut short as she was dragged away. Her nose dug into the floor and through pools of blood that filled her nostrils with a rusty scent. She wasn’t dragged gently and it seemed as if he made sure to slam her body on a few corners. The motion stopped and the bloody shoes of the ghoul filled her vision. He knelt down by her and reached forward to grab her. Out of instinct, she flailed and knocked his hand away. The action only served to enrage him further. The other four of his kagune slammed into her back and drove their sharp tips into her shoulder blades to pin her in place.

Niac wasn’t surprised at her actions, just disappointed. If she had just stayed another few minutes, he would have left her alive. Her desperation to flee had taken over her and he couldn’t have her running into the streets yet. This one was intriguing; he wanted to feel her vivacious life leave her body by his hands, not by his kagune.

Her screams were ignored as he dug his hands into her mess of black hair. With his grip now tightly on her, he released his Kagune from her and allowed it to retreat into his lower back. He was deaf to her cries as he brought her up to her feet and dragged her over to the sharp counter edge. He was sure to drag her face roughly along the edge and smash her head into whatever got in the way. He kicked the exit door open and dragged her outside and into the alley. Her eyes landed upon the form of the boy outside, and for the first time, she was stunned into silence. Tears cascaded down her face and she reached for him, fighting Niac’s strength with all of her own. To no avail though; he wouldn’t give her the pleasure of being with the dead boy, whoever he was to her.

He yanked her away from him and forced her to look at him one last time. With all the tears and blood, she wasn’t as pretty anymore. She must have valued her face if she put makeup on. With a grunt of affirmation, he turned her face to the wall. She must have realized his intention when she started to scream, but it was cut short as her face made contact with a sickening crunch. A spray of blood and flesh flew from her and onto his mask with the force of the impact, but he continued his assault until nothing left for him to crush. Only then did he release his grip and allow her body to crumple on the ground in peace.

Voices sounded from in the store and he knew the BGC had arrived, but they did not discover his location. His kagune burst from his back one last time as he made his ascent to the roof, grabbing the fire exit above him and throwing himself over the fence that divided the alley. He grabbed the ledge of a window and threw himself onto the roof of another building before sprinting off into the night. Despite eating all those people, he did not want to deal with the BCG yet. One day.

He quickly made his way to the other side of the harbor and dropped into another alley where he could change into his second change of clothing…It was identical to what he was wearing, so no one would suspect a thing upon his return to his home.

With his clothing taken care of and no one in sight, he removed his mask and looked at bloodied surface. It seemed pleased with him now that its thirst had been satiated. With his job done, Niac gave a sigh and returned it to his bag and cleaned his face off with a bottle of water and face cloth he too kept in the bag. Everything seemed alright for the moment…he just had to stop at the grocery and get something…anything to make it seem like he hadn’t just massacred an entire mini mart.

Ice cream sounded like a good thing to get late at night…maybe some potato chips and a movie too. He had his eye on an old classic that he had recently read: American Psycho. Perhaps the store would have it…

He sauntered off, lost in his thoughts about where he should go to acquire this film.

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[AFA] American Psycho
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1.) Spell your name without vowels: 
2.) - Are you single?: 
Sure am. 
3.) - Whats your favorite number?: 
8? I don't really care enough about it to have one
4.) - What color do you wear most?: 
5.) - Least favorite color?: 
Puke Green 
6.) - Favorite candy?: 
Strawberry hard Candies 
7.) - What do you smoke?: 
Oregano. Nothing Yet.
8.) - Are you happy with your life right now?: 
Not particularly.
9.) - Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?: 
10.) - What is your favorite class in school?: 
History or English. 
11.) - Do you shop at Hollister/DC/Bluenotes?: 
12.) - How do you make money?: 
Two jobs 
13.) - Who is your best friend?: 
ever-so-jAntly or Nhizyr <3  
14.) - Where do you go to school?: 
I'm in College right now
15.) - Are you outgoing?: 
I can be.
16.) - One word to describe you?: 
17.) - Favorite pair of shoes?:  
Crappy Red Flats
18.) - Do you own big sunglasses?: 
I own all the big sunglasses
19.) - Where do you wish you were right now?:
Away from home
20.) - What should you be doing right now?: 
Probably making art for my groups but-
21.) - Do you have a crush on anyone right now?: 
Yes I do it hurts so good
22.) - What are your biggest pet peeves?:
  • People who think themselves intelligent when they're not
  • Close minded people
  • Being unnecessarily emotional or dramatic about things
  • Mispronunciation or poor articulation of words
  • Smelling Bad
  • Being Ignored
  • People who are far too proud
Honestly, what's on your mind right now?: 
Nothing;I'm blank for the first time in a long time and it feels good.
Honestly, what are you doing right now?:
Designing Keres
Honestly, have you done something bad today?:  
Define bad.
Honestly, do you watch Disney Channel?: 
Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone?:  
My Mother
Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?: 
Not particularly
Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time?:  
Being Ignored
Honestly, do you bite your nails?:
Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?: 
Yes so bad.
Honestly, are you keeping a big secret right now?: 
Sort of. I can't say it's a secret, more that no one has asked.
Honestly, do you have a friend you don't actually like?: 

Can you blow a bubble?:
Can you dance?: 
Not at all
Can you do a cart wheel?: 
Nuh uh
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: 
I can indeed. 
Can you whistle?:
Can you wiggle your ears?: 
Can you wiggle your nose?: 
Can you roll your tongue?:
Can you make a clover with your tongue?: 

What do you do when you're mad?: 
Stay quiet mainly and wait to get over it. 
What's the worst thing you've done when you were mad?: 
Theres a long list
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?: 
I have. Happily.

Ever really cried your heart out?: 
Ever cried yourself to sleep?:
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: 
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: 
Ever cried over the same sex?: 
Do you cry when you get an injury?: 
Nope. I take it like a man
Do certain songs make you cry?: 
They used to. Not anymore/
Do certain movies make you cry?: 

Are you usually a happy person?: 
I try to be, but I usually fail
What makes you the happiest?: 
I'm not sure right now.  
Does being with your friends make you happy?: 
I guess it used to. I don't really have friends anymore.
Do you believe in yourself?: 
Depends on what
Do you wish you were happier?: 
Is being happy overrated?: 
I guess it depends on what
Can music make you happy?: 
Music can distract me so yes

How many times have you had your heart broken?: 
A couple of times
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: 
I did, but I don't anymore
Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said 'I love you'?: 
I don't believe so? 

Do you actually hate anyone?: 
I actually hate a lot of people
Have you ever been on a hit list?: 
Not that I'm aware of; If I was it wasn't a very successful hit list
Are you a mean bully?: 
I'm only mean when it's warranted.
Do you hate George Bush?: 
I don't particular care for him.

Is your self-esteem extremely low?: 
Do you think you're good looking?: 
Sometimes. More recently I have been, which is odd because I'm heavy right now.
Do you wish you could be someone else?: 

What is your current hair color?:
What is your eye color?: 
What is your skin tone?: 
Awkward drivers tan.
Current piercings?:
Ears sort of?
Have any tattoos?:
Nah; want one though.
Straight hair or curly?: 
Too short to tell?

What shirt are you wearing?:
Gemini necklace

Hugged someone?: 
Been on the phone until the sun came up?:
Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?: 
Laughed so hard you cried?: 
Got in a fight with someone?: 
Physically? No. I've gotten close though

Person you talked to in person?: 
My manager about video games.
Person you talked to online?: 
Wife uvu 
Person you hugged?: 
I don't remember

Do you like surveys?: 
Yes I do
Do you get along with your parents?: 
Not at all
Do you have mental breakdowns?:

Current mood:
Current music: 
Current hair style: 
Wet cause I just got out the shower
Current crush: 
Current thing I ought to be doing:  
Sleeping or omething like that
Current windows open: 
Current desktop picture: 
Saeko ouo By Nhizyr

Did you ever get into a fist fight in school?:
Did you ever run away from home?: 
Did you ever want to be a doctor?: 
I still do
Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?: 

Do you know how to swim?: 
Do you like roller coasters?: 
So much yes
Do you own a bike?:
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: 

Does hair loss run in your family at all?:
Maybe? Idk
Does your car get good gas mileage?:
I think so? 
Does your family have family picnics?: 

Have you ever been on a plane?: 
Have you ever been to the ocean?: 
Have you ever painted your nails?:

How tall are you?: 
How much money do you have on you right now?: 

Last person you hung out with?: 
Last thing someone said to you?: 
Here's your Pho
Last thing you said out loud?: 
I'm going to go take a bath

What are you listening to?: 
The sound of my refrigerator running
What is the weather outside?: 
What radio station do you listen to?:
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: 
What was the last thing you had to drink?: 
Diet Pepsi
What was the last movie you watched?: 
Repo: The Genetic opera

  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: 2NE1
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Chocolate Protein Shake


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